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The plans for this site is to cover in detail various aspects of Sega Hardware products. These will range from arcade equipment to console.

Manuals, photographs and technical specifications will slowly be compiled and added to this site.

Hardware Products.

Sega Mega Drive.

Radica Arcade Legends:

Radica: arcade legends Sega Mega Drive Volume 1 manual (right click save target as)

Radica: arcade legends Sega Mega Drive Volume 2 manual (right click save target as) 

Sega Mega-Tech.

Sega Mega-Tech Manual (right click save target as)

Hantarex MTC-9000 monitor as used in the Sega Mega-Tech- manual and technical schematic

Sega Pico.

Sega Titan Video Game System (ST-V).


Future hardware to be included: Nomad, Mega Drive (Genesis), Mega CD (SegaCD), 32x, Sega Titan ST-V, Game Gear and Dreamcast.